ComeTogethersmallCome Together (Rock Hard #2)

Published by Mischief HarperCollins
Publication Date: 30th September 2014
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Daniella Fosbrook can’t believe she’s dating a smoking hot rock star, now all she has to do is hold onto him.

Bad boy rockers, Black Halo, have reunited and have hit the road. Dani Fosbrook has never experienced life on the move, now she’s squashed onto a tour bus with five horny rock stars and her lover’s ex, and there’s no room for mistakes.

If threats from jealous fans and warding off unwanted press attention isn’t difficult enough to handle, Dani has to battle her own personal insecurities. Xane says he’s committed, but with so much on offer to tempt him, can she trust he won’t stray?

When sabotage puts both the tour and everything Dani and Xane have built together under threat, can the band and their entourage come together and make the tour work, or it is time for everyone to part ways?  |  |  GooglePlay  | Kobo | B&N | Apple |

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“…smoking hot and very entertaining.” Bound by Books.

“A 5 Star Rating. Wow just wow! This series is the freaking bomb and I can’t wait for the next book.” Tattered Book Blog

“This was a great read and I highly recommend both of the books from this series. More than just sex Dani and Xane share this undeniable need for each other. I was swept away by this story.” Kissin Blue Karen

“I really love the other characters and the interaction among the band members. That really makes this book – and the series itself – special.” – Margay Roberge for the


Excerpt: Prologue

Sweden. Three years ago…

‘I should get you one of those,’ Xane remarked to his best friend, Steve Matlock, pointing out the slogan on the T-shirt of the guy standing at the end of the VIP bar.

‘I love to bang,’ Steve read, and chuckled over the stick-figure drawing of man beating the hell out of a set of drums. ‘Like it. Do you reckon there’s a whole set, so we can have one each?’ The pair were two sixths of the rock band, Black Halo, and they’d just blown the frigging minds of the thousands strong crowd around the main stage at the Sölvesborg Rock Festival with their explosive gothic freak show. While the rest of the band members were still scrawling their signatures over various pieces of female anatomy, Xane and Steve had slipped into the VIP tent for some celebratory drinks. After all, it wasn’t every day you went platinum before breakfast and got to psych the crowd up for Ozzy in the evening. Xane figured he’d be riding this particular high for weeks, if not months. It’d been a long while coming, but their dedication was finally paying off.

‘What would Ash’s say?’

‘I love licking,’ Xane suggested. Their lead guitarist was widely rumoured to have a magic tongue. Chances were he was giving it work out right now, charming the panties off their female fans in order to guarantee their future loyalty. It certainly spread the word about them more successfully than any flyer campaign.

‘Yeah, and I love to touch base, for Paul. And, maybe, I practice the rhythm method for Spook.’

‘Except he doesn’t.’ Their rhythm guitarist, Spook Mortensen didn’t need to employ contraceptive methods because he never had sex, a fact Xane still struggled to get his head around. He wasn’t sure how anyone managed to function without getting horizontal on a regular—like minimum of three times a day and preferably more—basis. Not that he insisted on being horizontal to do the wicked deed. He was equally happy getting his rocks off standing, sitting, or swinging from the rafters. Hell, in pretty much any position imaginable. He was flexible like that. Xane was flexible about a lot of things, which was how he’d come to move on from the interesting shirt, to the far more interesting body beneath it, and the very cute guy to whom it belonged. And he did mean very cute.

‘What would yours say?’ Steve asked, still very much focussed on clothing slogans.

‘Throat job.’

‘Throat job, seriously? That makes it sound like you’re up for sucking dick… Oh!’ Steve caught up with the direction in which Xane’s thoughts had wandered. ‘I guess you are. You know that doesn’t guarantee he is?’

‘He is.’ The guy had been casting him not so surreptitious glances since they’d walked in.

‘I think it’s more likely he’s out to bang chicks.’

The guy had two hanging off his every word, but neither had his attention. That was hotly focussed on Xane. The man was literally eating him up with that five yard stare.

Xane didn’t recognise him, but with thirty something groups on the roster, ranging from the virtually unknowns through to the mega-stars of the genre, that was no big surprise. What he did recognise was a man dedicated to his craft. You only got arms like that, a physique like that, through drumming. He knew. He’d admired Steve’s body often enough.

‘Can’t you stick to wrapping your lips around a bottle?’ Steve ordered them another two beers.

Xane whistled an uh-uh sound across the neck of his beer. Alcohol just didn’t give him the same warm and fuzzies as a nice robust work out. It had a habit of making him miserable instead, and tonight he intended to stay firmly in the happy camp. He was not going to wallow in the shitty events of his past. Fuck his siblings, fuck his parents and… you know, actually fucking sounded like a really good plan right now.

‘All right, so let’s go find ourselves some nice young ladies.’

‘Actually, I’m good with what’s on offer here.’

Steve turned his back to the bar and chugged another mouthful of beer. Concern lines furrowed area between his wing-like brows. ‘Xane, he’s totally not hitting on you. He’s probably staring because we just played the best set of this festival.’

‘Totally is hitting on me. He’s itching to unwrap my dick and go down on me.’

The slap Steve gave the back of his head didn’t disavow him of that notion. Some things you just knew on a gut level, and this happened to be one of them.

‘Mate, if you go over there and suggest that, you’re going to get yourself beaten senseless.’

‘One hopes.’ So far, no one had given him an orgasm that good. Xane refused to be put off by Steve’s efforts to keep him on the straight and narrow.  He just didn’t see why everyone else got so antsy about his mutable tastes. He patted down his jacket pockets, making sure he was all set for the fun ahead. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this happy and horny at the same time. Normally he fucked to achieve a state of contentment, and then used the little piece of cloud nine he landed on to float through the following hours without succumbing to the shit that messed with his equilibrium on a daily basis.

His response prompted Steve to pinch the bridge of his nose, which did nothing to remove the furrows there. ‘You don’t know who he is. You don’t know where he’s been.’

Nor did he need to know either of those things. They didn’t matter. He wasn’t looking for a life partner, just a quick bit of fun. ‘And the same would be true of any woman I’d pick up. Catch you later.’ He saluted Steve with his beer, took a final swig, and then left the remainder on the bar. Xane didn’t speak to the guy, he didn’t even approach him. He simply held his gaze some, before heading for the exit, and what do you know, two minutes later mister blond and beautiful was literally begging to go down on him.

Another person might have simply rolled with that, sat back, lapped up the attention, and come down his throat without ever giving a damn thing in return. Xane disliked such selfishness. How could anyone abuse something this pretty? Besides, he wasn’t looking for a quick release. If that’s all he needed, he could achieve that with his own hand. No, he wanted a long, slow, hard ride with this man; the sort that would give him the chance to savour every inch of perfection, every blessed angle.

‘Tell me what you need. Let me—’

‘Sh-h!’ Xane silenced him with some seriously devil may care kisses. This didn’t need to involve conversation. He didn’t want to hear about his performance. He’d already gathered the man had watched him on stage and decided then that he was willing to do pretty much anything the fuck Xane wanted him too. He didn’t want to exchange pointless pleasantries or have a heart to heart either. What he wanted, in the words of Marc Bolan, was easy action.

Thank fuck the guy seemed to catch on quickly. Xane’s kisses were rewarded with matching fervour. Luthor had a mouth made for pleasure, wide, with a full lower lip and which tilted upwards at the corners, making him seem cheerful even when his face was completely relaxed. He knew how to kiss too, unlike some men, who seemed to think it was all about being savage and clashing teeth. In fact, he seemed to know a hell of a lot about how to coax joy into being with every cell of his body. The guy had a sensuality to him that made Xane’s nerves vibrate in a good way. There was a gracefulness about him too, that seemed at odds almost to his rather sharp physical form. He was all long limbs, slender hips and compact muscle. Very nice to hold and undress, and no doubt a knock out to look at.

However, none of those things entranced him the way the man’s eyes did. He hadn’t noticed them in the VIP tent. They’d been standing too far apart, but up close, even in the dark they snagged hold of Xane’s attention and refused to release him. He’d never seen eyes like those before; one tawny, one sea green. Natural too, not achieved with lenses like his own evil dead look.  Luthor was possessed of eyes that seemed to reflect the whole duality of being, making it near impossible to look away.

Normally, Xane avoided looking into the eyes of the people he fucked. It saved him from emotional entanglements he wasn’t seeking.  With Luthor there didn’t seem to be any avoiding it.

‘Yeah,’ he hissed as the sweet caress of cool air tickled his skin, and Luthor formed a fist around his shaft. He swept his hold upwards, making a satisfying pull towards the tip, and making energy spike through all seven chakras at once. ‘Let me,’ Xane insisted, craving more skin on skin contact. He grabbed Luthor’s arse, grinned delightedly at the way the springy muscle tightened beneath his palm. He intended to explore every bloody inch of this man, from the pretty ridges of his hip bones, to the soles of his feet. He was going to taste him and possess him, and they were both going to know what it felt like to make the universe turn.

‘Oh man,’ Luthor gasped, as Xane dropped onto his knees, and yanked Luthor’s jeans down over his narrow hips without bothering to loosen them. They were barely holding their position anyway, and he didn’t want to wait any longer for his prize. ‘Are you gonna…’

Yeah, he totally was. He wanted the taste of his this man on his tongue, the smooth, sabre-like curve of his cock filling up his mouth. Sometimes it just felt ridiculously good to engage in a bit of repetitive motion.

All right, a lot of repetitive motion, because once he’d got Luthor good and properly wet and excited, Xane intended on getting intimately acquainted with some other fun parts of his anatomy.

Xane kept his hands busy as he sucked, and not purely at the base of the guy’s cock. No, he squeezed, he coaxed and caressed. He wriggled his fingers someplace warm and tight and that turned Luthor into such a quivering wreck that he could barely keep himself upright, and had to weave his fingers into Xane’s hair to maintain some semblance of balance.

It wasn’t long after that they both ended up on the ground, scrabbling about too desperate for contact to disentangle themselves efficiently from one another and their clothing.

Xane didn’t recall stripping almost naked, only the inferno that burst into being when Luthor wrapped his palm around both their cocks and worked them together.

‘Have you got something?’ he asked, both clinging onto Xane and almost pushing him away at the same time. Like he wasn’t sure if this wasn’t good enough, and maybe they should come like this and avoid ramping things up any further, except he wanted the other way to happen so badly too, because the first way was too quick and would be over too fast. Neither of them was ready to part ways just yet.

Luthor’s eyes lit as Xane produced condoms and slathered them both in lube. They were both breathing heavily and momentarily kiss drunk as he got them all lined up. It was easy, so very easy, as all the best fucks were. It wasn’t too tight or too awkward, there were no tense moments where they had to hold one another in check so they could breath and relax. It was simply right. Everything worked, and it felt so goddamned wonderful, that even if they did it a thousand times over it would never grow old.

Luthor mouthed the side of Xane’s neck as they fucked to the hum of Paranoid that drifted over to them from the festival stage.

‘Bite me,’ Xane encouraged. ‘Leave a mark behind.’ He enjoyed nothing better than the feel of a lover’s mouth against his neck. It drove him fucking demented. He liked the marks they left behind too. Wore them like badges to the bemusement of the rest of the band. To Xane they were reminders that for at least a few brief moments he’d belonged, truly belonged to someone, enough for them to want to stamp their mark on him. He stamped a hell of a lot of marks all over Luthor, not that he thought for one second about actually keeping him.

He got Luthor off right before he came inside him, while staring into those mesmerising mismatched eyes.

Xane floated a few minutes, enjoying the roar of bliss in his ears and the whiplash bite of his orgasm pushing its way out of his body. It wasn’t enough though. He went straight back down on Luthor again, got him stupidly hard. He knew a trick or two that made it easy and fun. This time round, he let Luthor do the sliding. Fair’s fair. He loved fucking; loved the feel of his cock enclosed in all that enveloping heat, but sometimes it felt damn good to be shafted too.

Xane never dished out what he couldn’t also take.

It wasn’t such a straight glide with him on the bottom. It felt fucking fantastic though. ‘God, yes!’ The heat of Luthor’s breath scalded the back of his neck as he pressed in deep. He ached as his hips rolled, but in a way that made his cock all springy and hard and set his synapses alight. He didn’t care that he’d be sore tomorrow, or that he’d still be able to feel the heat of Luthor’s cock inside of him, because then he could squeeze his muscles and remember. A shiver ran right through him, almost making him lose it. The gig had ended, leaving the chirps of the nocturnal insects as their only accompaniment. Sweat broke out across his body, pooled in the places where his and Luthor’s skin touched. The man was like a flaming brand inside of him, burning him up, making him feverish, but still pushing him ever closer to an explosive reward.

Curious, how one subtle shift could make such a huge difference. Xane angled his hips up as Luthor drove forward. The tip of his cock hit Xane’s prostate. Everything moved up a gear.

‘I’ve got you,’ Luthor murmured. ‘I’ve got you.’ He held on tight, unpausing, and still fluid in his assault. ‘Stay with me. I’m almost there too. Oh, lord, the grip of you…’

Another thrust…or two and they hit tipping point.

For a few brief moments Xane existed entirely in a higher realm. Then he fragmented into a million different pieces. Hot joy streaked along his shaft and poured from his cock. He felt the pulse of Luthor coming hard inside of him. They clung together tight, and it seemed as if it might last forever. It lasted a good long while.

Xane thought it might be the best fuck he’d ever had. He didn’t think anyone else was going to bang him half so well anytime soon. As they lay side by side, spent, while the sweat of their exhaustion cooled their overheated skin, Xane decided Luthor’s T-shirt slogan needed an addendum. ‘I love to bang,’ ought to read, ‘I love to bang… and I’m fucking awesome at it.’

It was a shame their paths never did cross again…  |  |  GooglePlay  | Kobo | B&N | Apple |