Resistor (Off the Record #2)

Published by Incantatrix Press
Publication Date: 21st April 2015
Contemporary Erotic Romance

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Sex is the last thing on Spook’s mind, or he wishes it was.

Spook Mortensen has one rule when it comes to relationships: just say no. He has his reasons. Good reasons. His policy of total abstinence has kept him out of trouble for years. Sex ought to be the last thing on his mind, but whenever go-getting sound engineer Allegra Hutton shows up, she doesn’t just hijack his libido, she downright screws with it. The only way to deal with her is to tie her up.

Alle realises she’s upsetting Spook’s rhythm, but she’s under no illusion that he’s the right top to warm her bottom.

A Black Halo novella about an enigmatic rock star and the curvy woman who pushes his limits… over a table, in a limo, on the floor, and in bed.  |  |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo  | Apple | GooglePlay |

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Excerpt: Chapter One

Allegra Hutton stared at her image in the backstage mirror and almost wailed at her reflection. Her crazy red hair was already working its way free of its binding, so that bright frizzy copper strands stuck up at alarming angles, competing with her fascinator for attention. Her cheeks were flushed, and the same blush was making her décolletage look blotchy. Why had she agreed to do this? Where in her job description did it mention addressing monstrously large crowds full of industry insiders and A-listers? She wasn’t even a somebody within the music industry. No one spoke her name in awe, or got stars in their eyes at the prospect of meeting her. Nor was she witty enough to deliver a decent speech. She was, however, a pushy idiot who hadn’t learned when to step back.

For the most part, her eagerness to succeed and willingness to fight her corner had served her well in her chosen career as a sound engineer. Instead of being stuck digitizing old classics and mixing bippity-boppity pop aimed at seven year olds, she’d got to work with an assortment of up and coming rock bands over the last few months. Too bad she hadn’t concentrated on that and not fought for this particular assignment too. She hated being overlooked, but the only thing she was going to achieve tonight was making the most enormous fool of herself in front of a crowd of her peers and an entire bank of photographers.

Cameras — her brow creased into a severe frown—she never liked photographs of herself. She always looked too ungainly and big… and well… big.

They’re not interested in photographing you.

No — the press were here for the stars, not the industry worker-bees. Stars like Spook Mortensen…

And there it was; the real reason why her stomach was in knots and she was trembling so hard she’d already sloshed water down her front. He’d see her. She’d walk out there, and Spook would be in the crowd; him and the rest of his band, Black Halo. God help her, they were even nominated in the category she was announcing. What would she do if they came on stage and she had to shake hands and congratulate them?

Allegra plucked the fascinator from her hair, and released the knot she’d spent hours constructing, letting the glossy ringlets spill over her shoulders.

Be brave, is what she’d do. If she opened the envelope and the card said Black Halo, then she’d congratulate them, deliver some air kisses and look professional.


She would not melt all over them, or say anything stupid or inappropriate. And she definitely, definitely wouldn’t challenge Spook over why, after they’d had such a good time together, he hadn’t called her. Because honestly, why had she even allowed herself to imagine he would? Just because she’d tempted him once, didn’t mean she’d shot to the top of his dating list. It wasn’t as if he’d been desperate to dive into bed with her. Sure, stuff had happened, but most of that had been down to her insistence.

She’d pushed him too far. He’d warned her. He’d told her he couldn’t give her what she wanted. But she’d been absolutely certain that he could, so she’d kept on asking until he’d delivered.

Was it really any wonder he hadn’t called?

It might have seemed their chemistry was off the charts on her end, but Spook had countless women willing to serve his every need. Why would he choose the pushy one, the one who refused to listen or take no for an answer? He wouldn’t, quite simply, and he hadn’t. Like every other man in her life, he’d been scared off by her inability to reign herself in. Fact was; she’d always been more Amazon than nymph, curvy, rather than waif-like, and far too eager to prove she was every bit as good as her overachieving brothers.

‘Ms Hutton, are you ready?’ The backstage hand enquired, letting her know with a wave that this was her cue. ‘Just follow the steps down, then straight across the boards to the podium in the centre. The winners will come onto the stage from the right.’

‘OK, thank you.’

She took a deep breath, levelled her shoulders, and then clutching the golden envelope that contained the winners name, walked out to face the audience.  |  |  Barnes & Noble | Kobo  | Apple | GooglePlay