Published by Mischief, HarperCollins
Digital: 21st March 2013

Darleston was beautiful. Not in a dandified fashionable sort of way, but in a beastly way… Any woman with a modicum of sense would be a fool to fall for him.

Emma Langley abhors physical contact, consequential she’s shocked when she realizes she’s attracted to one of her father’s guests. Robert, Lord Darleston is like no other man she’s ever met. He’s flamboyant, charming and terrifies her as much as he arouses her. Nor is Emma the only person caught under his spell…

Lord Robert Darleston has a reputation as a rakehell and a voluptuary. When his wife’s scheming drives him from London and unexpectedly reunited him with his first love, a now married man, only Emma stands in the way of happiness. Yet, this, frigid woman fascinates him in a way he can’t explain. Perhaps, if he can win her over, then the three of them can create a future together. Old ghosts, a jealous wife, and an outraged father stand in his way.

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PP9 Finalist

“I devoured this book, and I think I can safely say it’s one of my new favorites.” Owned. Collared. Loved.

“…those that love a sizzling m/m/f story, this one is for you.” Beyond the Squee

“Love, love, love this story! …makes for some steamy reading, but the emotions of the trio are what make it stick with me long after I’ve finished it.” I’m a Voracious Reader


Emma turned over the leather case. She was not sure Lyle owned anything so pretty in which to store his papers. Emblazoned upon the front of the oxblood leather was the Darleston coat of arms. So the case was his, not Lyle’s. Curiosity immediately got the better of her. She didn’t precisely mean to snoop, but it had been left upon her pillow. Perhaps he’d even intended her to find it.

She flipped open the case, only to drop it immediately. Charcoal-drawn images scattered across the bed. From each of them her image stared. Or rather there were drawings of her, but it wasn’t her. She’d never posed in such a fashion. She’d never been touched in such a fashion.

Her sensuality leapt off the paper, her expression an intense mixture of torment and bliss. Only a sweat-dampened shift covered her womanly curves. Me. This is how he sees me. Yet such sensuality was beyond her. However, it was not her rapture or grace that captured her attention, but the cause of it. Her hand was cupped over her mons, the middle finger extended to brush against her nubbin. In other drawings she was caressing her own breasts. One depicted Darleston’s head between her thighs, doing something unspeakable with his tongue. She’d seen him suck her husband’s cock, so it was no great leap to imagine a man might pleasure a woman in a similar fashion, but seeing it depicted in such a way gave her such palpitations that she’d have reached for the smelling salts if she’d owned any. Her constitution was normally robust enough to ward off any such missishness.

Still her heart bounced into her throat, almost choking her, at the sight of actual coitus. Thereafter, each picture seemed more lewd than the last – and more enticing.

As she sifted through the drawings, it became clear that they were not all of her. Here lay one of Lyle erect, while another showed him spent. The final one depicted the three of them together. Not just posed beside one another, but together. The notion left her so shocked she simply stared at the image until the drawing was burned into her mind, ready to haunt her in both the waking world and her dreams.

They could never touch her like that. She could never lie between them naked, could never … Good Lord, the situation was impossible. How could Darleston think for a moment she would consent to such an act? Yet the heat in her cheeks was not caused by revulsion. Rather her pulse fired over the possibility of such a situation happening. How would it feel to be held in such a way, to be touched thus by two men at once? Heaven help her, she was not even accustomed to being held by one man. She had been unable to tolerate even the briefest brush of Darleston’s lips against her fingertips.

Only something had changed inside her, an ache in her belly, curiosity about what might be. Yet how could anything come to pass in the short time they had left together? Jack the Lamp would fight in two days’ time, and then there would be no reason for them to remain here at Field House. Lyle would find yet another lover, and as for Darleston, he would move on to wherever it was he made his home.