Book Cover: Anything But Ordinary (Radish)
Part of the Radish series:

When Kara North's brother discovers her in bed with two guys it sets off a chain reaction... Suddenly, her "no strings" affair is beset with problems. The guys are hot, and the sex is dirty, but it's painfully clear to Kara that their threesome can't last. Unless, she can convince Ric and Zach to put aside their fears and accept they need one another to be whole.

Book Cover: Tempted by my Boyfriend's Dirty Best Friend
Part of the Radish series:

Evie’s world turns upside down when she finds a naked stranger in her shower with mysterious ties to her boyfriend’s past. She and Ross have never kept secrets, until now.

Taking risks isn’t Ross’s style – not anymore – but he’s never been able to say no to Kit. Memories of their wild adventures still spice up his sexual fantasies – fantasies that could cost him Evie’s love, if she knew.

Meanwhile, bad boy Kit knows he’s playing fast and loose with Ross and Evie’s relationship, but he’s convinced the risk is worth it.

As their lives become ever more entangled, and past mysteries resurface and grow legs in their sleepy rural community, their loyalties to one another are put to the test. Can three people ever form a stable relationship, especially if they’re not all telling the truth?

Off the Record: A Prelude

Published by Incantatrix Press
Publication Date: 29th July 2020
Contemporary Erotic Romance 

A celibate rock star! Say, what?

Spook Mortensen locked down his heart along with his libido years ago. No woman has come close to awakening those repressed urges, until Allegra Hutton, the sound engineer hired to remaster one of his band’s old tracks, turns out to be a curvy bombshell who puts his emotions on red-alert. Turn the volume up to eleven, and experience the thrill of music being made…

Spook Mortensen has one rule when it comes to relationships: just say no. He has his reasons. Good reasons. His policy of total abstinence has kept him out of trouble for years. Sex ought to be the last thing on his mind, but whenever go-getting sound engineer Allegra Hutton shows up, she doesn’t just hijack his libido, she downright screws with it. The only way to deal with her is to tie her up.

Alle realises she’s upsetting Spook’s rhythm, but she’s under no illusion that he’s the right top to warm her bottom.

Two introductory novellas in one great package! Deep dive into the world of Black Halo with enigmatic rhythm guitarist, Spook Mortensen, and the fiery red-head who pushes his limits…

I love this series HARD! - Jessica Alcazar OMG Reads

"Wow I think Spook is amazing!! That little taste was definitely enough to leave me wanting so much more." - Goodreads reviewer


Publisher: Incantatrix Press

MINT TO BE (Stirred Passions #4)
Expected publication date: 23rd February 2021
Published by Incantatrix Press
Erotic Romance, Novel.


    Alfie Jones's Rules for Romance:

Rule One:
Never get drunk.

Rule Two:
Never get drunk and declare you're in a committed polyamorous relationship with three other people.

Rule Three:
Never perpetuate the lie you told while drunk by taking three fake dates to your best friend's wedding.

Rule Four:
Never ignore your own rules while drunk or otherwise... and fall in love!

Four rules. Simple, right?

Mint to Be is a hot, dirty dive into one man's quest to be recognised as something other than the nerdy side-kick. Four people. Fake love. Real heat. Raw heartbreak.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Book Cover: Screw Driver
Part of the Stirred Passions Bomb Shots series:
  • Screw Driver

First published 2018 as Instabomb by Clara Leigh.
Current edition published  15th May 2020 by Incantatrix Press
Erotic Romance, Novella

 “Tyler Beauford is a truly awful lay!”

Faced with such a joyful headline my burgeoning acting career is doomed. Who wants a leading man with a hair trigger?

So when my best-mate, Seth Lindsay, proposes a threesome with pop sensation Nixie Owen in order to restore my bad boy credentials, I figure, what’s to lose?

There are just a couple of things Seth forget to mention…

Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Cover Artists:
Book Cover: Black Velvet
Part of the Stirred Passions series:

BLACK VELVET (Stirred Passions #2)
ASIN #B087P5D3Z6
First published 2017 as Bath Bomb by Clara Leigh.
Current edition published  15th May 2020 by Incantatrix Press
Erotic Romance, Novel

"Loved this hot and hilarious story." ~ Book-Lovin-Mama

My best friend just hooked up with the girl of his dreams. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. But, it's nothing a nice rebound relationship can't fix.

At least that's the story I spin myself.

So, go out. Get drunk. Get laid. Wake up fixed.

It's a plan. A sound plan. Even a half sensible one.

That’d be why I seduce my straight—questioning—soon to be new co-star instead.

But it's cool. It's fine. Honestly.

Until she shows up.

His very wet dream. In our bath tub.

And then we get snowed in.


Black Velvet is a steamy emotional romance featuring a heart-broken hero, a videogame geek, and an unexpected guest. It includes M/F, M/M, & M/M/F encounters.

"Heartbreaking, heart wrenching and yet heartwarming too. This story will grab you and literally gut you with rampaging emotions but by the last page you sigh and smile and be glad you tagged along on this journey!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer.


Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Cover Artists:

The Serpent's Kiss Epilogue

Published by Incantatrix Press
Published: 5th April 2019

Bonus Epilogue to The Serpent's Kiss, exclusively available to Madelynne's Newsletter Subscribers.
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Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Cover Artists:
Book Cover: Gabriel's Naughty Game (Dutch)

Opwindende bevelen
von Madelynne Ellis (Autor), Manon Berlang (Übersetzer)


'Ik wil je met een andere man zien.'

Wanneer Gabriel me over zijn fantasie vertelt, wil ik lachen, doen alsof hij een grapje maakt. Terwijl ik weet dat het geen grapje is. Hij meent het. Oké, een beetje meer spanning tussen de lakens vind ik uitstekend, maar dit is misschien iets té spannend. Zeker wanneer Gabriel me laat weten met wie ik dan het bed moet delen: de ongrijpbare, aantrekkelijke Nye...

Wat voor een spelletje speelt Gabriel? Draait dit alleen om voyeurisme, of heeft hij andere plannen? Eigenlijk doet het er niet toe. Want Gabriel krijgt altijd zijn zin...

Book Cover: On Wednesday's We Play (Japanese)

水曜日のプレイメイト (ハーレクイン・デジタル)