Gabriel Hawksmore has long been fascinated by the enigmatic Mrs Melrose. Now, at his father’s wake he and Sophia finally meet. As old memories and past passions are revived, Sophia and Gabriel collide to form some scorching new ones.

We Were Lovers Once, was first published in the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press

She never sought a connection... but a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger in Tokyo's pleasure ward grants her one heartfelt desire.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press

For a limited time only get 8 tales of hard-rocking, hard-loving, bad boys in one exclusive package. From the stage to the bedroom, these ROCK STARS are out to steal the show and your heart.

LUST’S RHYTHM (Heart of Fame) by Award winning author Lexxie Couper ~ She's the daughter of rock royalty. He's been warned off her by her famous father. But Jed Brody has lusted after Chloe Blackthorne for four years, and when Chloe lets him know the lust is entirely mutual, nothing will stop the bad boy of rock claiming her as his. Career be damned.

THE ROCK STAR’S SECRET BABY (Ballybeg Bad Boys) by USA Today bestselling author Zara Keane ~ When a beautiful former fling blasts back into his life, jaded rock star Darko Dunne’s peaceful seclusion on a private island comes to an explosive end. Faced with a band of ruthless criminals and a ticking clock, Darko and Muireann must pool their resources to rescue the baby he never knew he had.

THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR (Half-Life) by USA Today bestselling authors Amber Lin and Shari Slade ~ Sparks fly when a hot rocker takes a good girl for a walk on the wild side…against the penthouse window, backstage, in the limo and on the elevator.

FORBIDDEN ROCK STAR (Red Hot Rock Rhapsodies) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis ~ Nathaniel Darke: She knows just how to press all my buttons. Bass-playing bitch, crawling under my skin. I want to believe one good shag will cure me of her. But instead, I end up addicted. (This has since been retitled and released as Crazy Love by Clara Leigh.)

PAINKILLER (First Hit) by USA Today bestselling authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott ~ He's the rockstar she doesn't recognize. She's the fighter he'll never forget. Nothing stings as much as the first hit...or hurts so good.

DIRTY (The Horus Group) by USA Today bestselling author Ainsley Booth ~ Wilson: Tabitha Leyton is a mess, but now she’s my mess. To the rest of the world, she’s a superstar. Secretly, she's a witness to depravity and a train wreck waiting to happen. But I can’t get her out of my head. And for one angry, secret night, we have each other in every imaginable way. The whole time, I know she’s off-limits. So in the morning, I’ll walk away. Officially.

MORE THAN MUSIC (Chasing the Dream) by Elizabeth Briggs ~ When geeky guitarist Maddie Taylor joins tattooed rock star Jared Cross’s band to compete on a reality TV show, their attraction becomes impossible to resist—but their forbidden romance might tear their band apart and cost them everything.


Menage On a Train by Alice Gaines

When a train journey boasts a long, dark tunnel, how better for Cass to take advantage of the opportunity than sex with a stranger? Or strangers…

Gilt And Midnight by Megan Hart

When Miracula is cursed with Desire, the news of her insatiable lust attracts dozens of suitors as they attempt to break the curse by bringing her utter fulfilment...

Everything Changes by Megan Hart

When Jamie asks Alex to sleep with his wife, Alex thinks it will only bring trouble. But he can't resist the pleasure of being with Anne - and Jamie.

Eye Of The Storm by Delilah Devlin

Janie is in Jamaica to rekindle passions with an ex-lover. But when her ex's friend shows up, Janie learns that two men know exactly what she needs...

Twice The Pleasure by Portia Da Costa

Caitlyn thinks organising the school reunion will be a great way to meet long-time crush Drew again...and finally hook up with him.

Hotter Than Hell by Cathryn Fox

Trapped in the underworld, Jadyn finds her dark and sexy guide, Gage, hotter than hell. Will they dare risk their souls to be together?

Gabriel's Naughty Game by Madelynne Ellis

Emily believes partner Gabriel's bedroom request is too risky. Especially when he reveals he wants a threesome with the only other man who's ever tempted her!

Lord Atwood's Lovers by Eva Clancy

Lord and Lady Atwood wed for love and have a passion-filled marriage - but Imogen is still haunted by the memory of her first marriage… (less)

Publisher: Harlequin

Cream is a selection of short fiction previously published on the website of the renowned Erotica Readers and Writers Association ( For ten years, ERWA has offered free, high quality erotic writing by both renowned authors and newcomers. Every month the site publishes a new set of stories and "flash fiction" (erotica under 100 words). Each month's stories are selected by ERWA editors from dozens of submissions to "Storytime," a subscription-based email list and writing workshop. Now, for the first time, Cream collects the most arousing and original work that has appeared on ERWA. It includes an introduction by Lisabet and Adrienne Benedicks, owner of ERWA, and of course, a story by Lisabet. Five different theme sections such as "La Petite Mort," "Erotic Sci Fi", "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words", "Swinging and Swapping," and "Humorous Erotica," with several stories in each, comprise the bulk of the book. Also included is a non-theme section of general erotica, and a section of "flashers."



Outrageously sexy and deliciously daring, Wicked Words short stories are the best in contemporary sexy fiction. The series is a showcase of writing by women at the cutting edge of erotic literature, pushing the boundaries of fantasy to bring you encounters of unashamed indulgence. Fun, irreverent, and seductive, this anthology combines humor and attitude with wildly imaginative sensual writing. Arousing, lively, and entertaining, Wicked Words collections are the juiciest erotic stories to be found anywhere in the world. Authors collected here include Fiona Locke, Primula Bond, and Madelynne Ellis.(less)


Publisher: Black Lace (Virgin Digital)

Feeling lucky? Games of skill and games of chance are rife with sexual possibilities. The back-and-forth pull of competition, the clever feint that lets your opponent think he’s got the upper hand, the thrill of risking everything on a sudden, bold gambit, the visceral charge of raking in a pile of chips, and then, of course, there’s something to be said for cheating… From light-hearted party games to devilishly simple competitions, here are stories for readers who love to play.



These steamy stories are themed around the universal female love of shopping and spending, with an emphasis on fashion. It's not all long lines, credit card bills, heavy bags, fitting rooms, and surly assistants, however—these characters find time for a great deal of naughty fun while out in boutiques, superstores, and malls of every town and city.


Publisher: Black Lace (Virgin Digital)

There's nothing like robust physical activity in the great outdoors. Whether taking a few leisurely hours in the countryside or a frantic five minutes down a city side street, Sex in Public explores the whole fantasy arena of adult misbehavior in public. Voyeurs and exhibitionists alike fill the pages - those who happen across an intimate liaison and those who deliberately display their passion before the eyes of others. From the thrill of almost getting caught, to the thrill of deliberately getting caught, this is edge-of-the-seat reading.


Publisher: Black Lace (Virgin Digital)

A Collection of Erotic Short Stories...with a Paranormal Twist...

Black Lace has woven together the weird and wonderful characters, creatures, times and dimensions of so many imaginary realms, and given them a unique erotic spin. And as you will discover, the most distant shores and the furthest reaches of female sexual and romantic fantasy can never be underestimated.

This collection will transport you to places where you will encounter sorcery, vampirism, shapeshifters, and spirit lovers. Some of these stories may even take you back in time, or to dimensions where sighs of passion mingle with cries of terror.


Publisher: Black Lace (Virgin Digital)