Come Alive (Rock Hard #3)

First Published 26th May 2016 by Mischief, HarperCollins
Current edition published May 2019 by Incantatrix Press

What do you do when your bad boy, rock star boyfriend starts dating the hottest drummer around?

Maybe, get with the plan?

Dani’s relationship with sexually fluid, Black Halo frontman, Xane Geist is put to the test when she agrees to allow him to explore his desire for sizzling new drummer, Luthor Albrecht. Even with strict rules in place to define what’s acceptable, Dani’s heart is never more than a step away from being broken.

Nor does it help that she’s secretly attracted to Luthor too.

As one crisis after another hits the hard rocking band, Dani must make peace with her traumatic past and overcome her trust issues if she’s to have any chance of holding onto Xane, or turning their uneasy love triangle into something stable and positive.


This is scorchingly hot reading. It is well written with fantastic characters. - Goodreads reviewer

Man alive was this book brilliant! I love this series, the characters are perfection and the story full of twists and turns. This instalment is no different, it dragged me in and refused to let me put it down until I'd read the whole blinking thing. - Amazon reviewer


Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Book Cover: Come Together
Editions:Kindle: $ 5.99
Pages: 409

Come Together (Rock Hard #2)

First Published 30th September 2014
Current edition published May 2019 
Contemporary Erotic Romance, Novel

Daniella Fosbrook can’t believe she’s dating a sinfully hot rock star, now all she has to do is hold onto him.

Bad boy rockers Black Halo, have reunited and hit the road. Dani Fosbrook has never experienced life on the move, now she’s squashed onto a tour bus with five horny rock stars and her lover’s ex. If that weren’t bad enough, along with threats from jealous fans, warding off unwanted press attention, and a smoking hot roadie with an eye for her man, Dani has to battle her own personal insecurities. Xane says he’s committed, but with so much on offer to tempt him, can she trust he won’t stray?

When sabotage puts both the tour and everything Dani and Xane have built together under threat, can the band and their entourage come together and make the tour work, or it is time for everyone to part ways?

“…smoking hot and very entertaining.” Bound by Books.

“A 5 Star Rating. Wow just wow! This series is the freaking bomb and I can’t wait for the next book.” Tattered Book Blog

“This was a great read and I highly recommend both of the books from this series. More than just sex Dani and Xane share this undeniable need for each other. I was swept away by this story.” Kissin Blue Karen

“I really love the other characters and the interaction among the band members. That really makes this book – and the series itself – special.” – Margay Roberge for the


Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Book Cover: Come Undone
Editions:Kindle: $ 5.99
Pages: 300

Come Undone (Rock Hard #1)

Published by Mischief HarperCollins
Publication Date: 29th August 2013
Contemporary Erotic Romance (mf)

On stage he’s dynamite. Off stage he rocks her world.

When red-hot, Goth-metal band, Black Halo, split live on stage, fate throws Daniella Fosbrook into the path of sexy vocalist Xane Geist. Initially, Xane’s only looking for a ride home, but Dani tempts him in a way a thousand other women haven’t. Determined to explore their heady chemistry and avoid hashing things out with the band, Xane whisks Dani off to Monaco for a steamy weekend.

There, Dani tries her best to hang onto her heart and some clothing, while Xane soon loses both. However, Xane isn’t being entirely honest about the reason for the band’s demise. When the truth comes out, can Dani accept the facts, or will everything come undone?

“Xane and Dani are characters with extreme personalities that open you up, make you sit on the edge of your seat, never letting you stop reading about their tale. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts and hot hot hot.” Whispered Words from Written Pages

“I loved this book and i would sell my first born to get my hands on the next book in this series!”



Publisher: HarperCollins UK