This is Ava Leigh, reporting for Bang! Magazine on the shocking exit of drummer, Iain Willows from the Black Halo line up. I’m in Sweden, talking to Iain, to get his perspective on the affair.

Iain, so good to see you again. A lot seems to have happened in the few days since we last spoke at Roskilde. What happened? Are Black Halo in trouble?

They are trouble, Ava. I didn’t appreciate just how toxic the situation in the band is. As soon as it became obvious, I knew it was time for me to leave.

You’d been touring with them for little over a month… and when we spoke to you last you were adamant that everything was going well.

That’s what I thought, but people can be very two-faced I’ve discovered to my detriment.

Iain, can you tell us, did you walk or were you pushed?

I was ousted by Xane so that he could bring his boyfriend on board, but I was looking to leave anyway. Ash and I had something planned.

That’d be Luthor Albrecht you’re talking about, one of Black Halo’s roadies and the nephew of their sound engineer.

That’s him, yeah. Talk about nepotism. He’s a passable drummer, but he doesn’t have my experience. His former band couldn’t even fill a basement dive, let alone a stadium, but Xane was more interested in his other talents than his ability to hold a beat if you get my drift.

I think we do. So, you mentioned that you and Ash Gore had something in the pipeline. Is that still going ahead?

It’s up in the air at the moment, while he recovers from his illness.

His illness… What’s wrong with him, and does it have anything to do with his recent collapse. Just for our viewers, in case they aren’t aware, Ash Gore recently collapsed on stage during Black Halo’s gig in Karlstad.

Ash has got himself into a lot of trouble recently due to the influence of his new girlfriend. She’s encouraged him to develop a few bad habits shall we say.


You won’t hear that from me.

But he was admitted to hospital with a suspected overdose, correct?

I wasn’t there so I can’t possibly comment. That is the rumour that was floating around though.

Speaking of rumours, there have been several suggesting that you and Xane had an altercation in the car park after the Karlstad gig. Can you shed some light on that?

If by altercation you mean the bastard punched me, and then had the audacity to have me arrested for assault, then yeah, I can confirm it. The jerk tried to run me over too, before driving his car into the river. They’re all unstable in that band. All of them, between their addictions and general psychoses they should probably all be committed. Elspeth especially is completely batshit. The woman needs locking up. Spook’s a homicidal maniac and Xane’s a friggin’ clown. I was the only sane member of the band.

What about Rock Giant?

He lives on mushrooms… Need I say more?

I think it’s pretty obvious that things didn’t end on good note. So, just to give our readers a bit of insider knowledge on the personalities in Black Halo, say the first thing that comes to mind when I say Xane.


And Ash.


Now Elspeth.


Rock Giant.

More like Rock Pussy

OK, Spook.

Didn’t I just cover this in a previous answer?



So, what’s next for Iain Willows?

I’m considering my options at the moment, but you certainly haven’t heard the last from me.

Iain, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to us.

Anytime, lady. <Blows a smoochy kiss.>

Guard: Visiting time is over now, Mr Willows.