Allow me to introduce the vocalist and bassist from gothic metal band, Black Halo. Hi, Xane and Rock Giant.

Do I call you Rock Giant or Paul?

RG: Either really. Whichever you prefer.

Where does your nickname come from?

RG: I’m rock hard and I’m a giant, obviously.

Xane: Yeah, that’s totally it.

RG: Do you want to feel my abs?

Xane: Sorry folks, he always gets like this when we not touring. Turns into a total gym bunny.

Actually, I will, if you don’t mind. Ahem, yeah… Moving on, question for Paul, would you cut your spikes off for a good cause?

RG: Whaaaaaat! What sort of cause?

Xane: He’d do it for breast cancer.

RG: Not funny, Xane. Can’t I just write a cheque instead? I’m sure that’d be more useful than donating hair. I mean what use is my hair?

Xane: I’ve often wondered.

Xane, in the past you’ve had a bit of a reputation as a playboy, is it true you’ve settled down now? How serious is it? Should we expect wedding bells?

RG: To which of them?

Xane: <shaking head> What is it with this sudden obsession with weddings?

RG: Everyone loves you and wants to have your babies.

Xane: That’s weird; I don’t remember anyone asking me to get hitched.

Guys, what do you do with the gifts you receive from fans?

Xane: Cherish them. <LOL>

RG: I think the roadies swipe most of them. Depends what it is really.

What’s your favourite gift you’ve received from a fan?

RG: I couldn’t say really… Really, I can’t.

Xane: I once got a giant supersoaker water pistol. That was pretty memorable.

RG: Yeah, I remember that. Didn’t we chase Ash round the tour bus, playing “Get the Goth.”

Xane: Something like that.

RG: What happened to it?

Xane: I think Cave Troll accidentally ran over it with the equipment van.

What artists would you like to work with?

Xane: You mean on a duet or something? Well I know Elspeth wants us to work with Dani Filth.

RG: Easy, Kirsty MacColl

Xane: I dunno, maybe Jimi Hendrix, or Mozart.

RG: It’s gonna be tricky seeing as they’re all dead.

Xane: Nah, that’d just make it more interesting. (NB. Elspeth’s choice isn’t dead.)

How are relationships within the band? Are you all friends again after the split earlier this year?

Xane: Hunky-dory.

RG: They’re the biggest bunch of pricks ever to walk the Earth, but I loves every one of them. <hooks an arm around

Xane’s neck and almost chokes him> I wouldn’t be without them. We’re just one big family on that tour bus. We squabble like any family, but if we didn’t get along we’d all be dead by now.

Who’s mum and dad?

Xane: Huh?

RG: She means on the bus, not your actual parents. Spook is definitely mum. He makes us all eat healthily and everything. Dad is probably our manager Graham Callahan.

You both have pretty famous parents, how was that growing up? [Interviewers note: Xane’s father was entrepreneur, communications and arts expert Arthur Bletchley, and Rock Giant’s parents Deborah and Marcus Reed of legendary folk rock band, the Toll Puddle Martyrs.]

RG: We moved around a lot. It was kind of cool, actually. I had a huge extended family. Still do.

Xane: Hmm… It could have been worse.

RG: Like Dani.

Xane: Yeah… Hey, how do you know about that? Have you been eavesdropping?

RG: I read papers and occasionally browse the internet. Everybody knows about Dani. Poor girl… all those crazy women <shudders>.

Guys, we’ve heard a lot of rumours recently suggesting that Elspeth will be leaving the band. What’s your plan for if that happens? Are we going to see yet another new band member?

RG: She can’t. She isn’t. It’s not allowed, end of…

Xane: You can’t actually stop her if it’s what she wants.

RG: <scowling> How can you even say that? Just because she’s your ex and it would make things easier for you and your menagerie.

Xane: My what?

RG: <brows approaching his hairline> MÉNAGE-ERY! <sigh> Do you really want to have to find another keyboard player given the nightmare we’ve had finding a decent drummer?

Yes, about that… So, your original drummer, Steve Matlock unfortunately passed away earlier this year, then you brought in Iain Willows, and now I understand you’re working with an unknown, Luthor Albrecht. Xane, what happened to Iain, and can you tell us a bit about Luthor?

Xane: Yes, he’s great. Luthor, I mean, not Iain. Iain wasn’t a good fit for us. Luthor is. He’s awesome. It’s amazing what he can do with a pair of sticks.

RG: I don’t want to know. Urgh! Now I’m going to have to scrub my brain. He plays drums pretty good though.

Xane: Oh, and he’s Swedish, like Spook.

RG: Cause that’s such an important fact.

Xane: Totally is.

That’s Spook Mortensen, your rhythm guitarist. So, just to clarify, why wasn’t Iain a good fit?

Xane: <Clearly biting his tongue.> We’re not really aligned musically.

Rumour has it that he was arrested in Karlstad shortly after your lead guitarist collapsed on stage. Can you confirm that? Are the two events related?

Xane: I understand Iain was arrested, that’s correct.


Xane: Ash is fine, thanks for asking. He’ll be touring with us again before you know it. The docs just want him to take it easy for a bit.

RG: Wuss. I think it’s outrageous that he gets to slob around while we have to work.


RG: No. He should totally relax. He’s majorly bored though, ladies, so if you want to perk his spirits up a bit, you know… <winks>

Xane: You do realise that Ginny will kneecap you.

RG: Nah, she loves me. I’d totally vote for her being on the bus.

Xane: Nobody’s on the bus right now.

RG: Well, not right now, but we will be. Although, I suppose it’ll mean even less sleep. I’m totally going to move downstairs.

Xane: I thought the peep show was the highlight of your evening.

RG: Dani’s a major disappointment. She won’t play.

Xane: Damn right.

RG: Ginny would totally give me happy dreams.

Xane: Man, you need to find yourself a woman.

RG: Well, if there are any volunteers…

Did the reason for Iain’s arrest have anything to do with your decision to change drummer?

RG: We’d already made the switch prior to his arrest, but his position in the band had become untenable. As Xane said, he wasn’t a good fit for us.

So what’s next for Black Halo?

Xane: We’ve currently working on our next album, which should be out around Christmas, and making sure everyone is in shape for the second half of our Requiem for the Damned tour, which we’ll be kicking off in Oslo, I think. I don’t have the exact date yet… but soon.

Thank you, Xane and Rock Giant for taking time out from your recording schedule to talk to us.

Xane: Any time.