Book Cover: A Devilish Element
Part of the Wooing the Wakefields series:
  • A Devilish Element


Published by Incantatrix Press
Release Date: 30th May 2024
ISBN #9781917284004

The first book in the Wooing the Wakefields series.

Can a bluestocking and mathematician admit the truth of their feelings, or will a certain devilish element end a love that’s just begun?

Remote Cedarton Castle is haunted. That’s what her sisters say before Eliza Wakefield sets off to visit her recently married friend. The crumbling ruin is even more isolated and foreboding than expected. Its inhabitants, a small cluster of Lord Linfield’s closest allies. Moreover, all is not well with the Linfield’s marriage, leading Eliza to fear for her friend’s safety and her mind.

Mathematician Jem Whistler is a man caught in a trap. He’s in love with a woman he can’t have and owned by a lord who demands things he’d rather not give. Unexpectedly reunited with the bluestocking who owns his heart, he struggles to keep his attachment hidden. When the threat from Cedarton’s white lady increases, Jem and Eliza must work together to uncover the true nature of the spectre haunting Cedarton’s shadowy halls. That’s if they can keep their hands off one another long enough to investigate.

Dive into this tale of gothic mischief, medicine, and murder, and discover the Wakefields, four spinster sisters and the brother who’s determined to see them matched. A Devilish Element is the first book in the Wooing the Wakefield’s series. Readers of a delicate disposition beware, spicy shenanigans, chemistry, and corpses abound in this tale of Regency romance.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press
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A Devilish Element