These four MMF short stories bring the heat with the kind of immersive writing that takes you right into these characters’ worlds, from the hard streets of the LA underground crime scene to an Australian vacation, to a London college town and a luxury NYC loft. Each story is completely different from the next, but they all share one thing. Whether it’s their first time or a long-term thing, these guys are bi and they don’t hold back. Stories from Ophelia Bell, Madelynne Ellis, Alyssa Turner and Bianca Vix.

After You by Ophelia Bell
Lazarus wants something special from his girlfriend, Celeste, but he’s got to give it up first to the hot tattooist who’s got them both in his radar. Her backdoor is locked until Lazarus lets Maddox in, and most importantly, she gets to watch.

Friday Night Rendezvous by Madelynne Ellis
Charlie never thought she’d share her fantasies about her three college flatmates, and if it wasn’t for the racket two of these irresistible guys made banging the headboard against the wall every Friday night, she might have never been discovered. Turns out she isn’t the only one tuning in.

True Story, No Lie by Alyssa Turner
Tricia has been missing her boyfriend Hill while he’s away on tour. Good thing she has two more with her at home to keep her entertained. After Marty and Pete tell her about the first time they blurred the line from friends to lovers, Tricia realizes she’s ready to live her own truth with all of them.

Just My Luck by Bianca Vix
Chase had plans to travel with his girlfriend and his best friend on a once in a lifetime trip. But when they both ditch him, and he’s left without a hotel room, it’s the attractive couple next to him at the bar who show him the adventure he’s really been craving all along.

Hot Minutes: The Bi Guys