Menage On a Train by Alice Gaines

When a train journey boasts a long, dark tunnel, how better for Cass to take advantage of the opportunity than sex with a stranger? Or strangers…

Gilt And Midnight by Megan Hart

When Miracula is cursed with Desire, the news of her insatiable lust attracts dozens of suitors as they attempt to break the curse by bringing her utter fulfilment...

Everything Changes by Megan Hart

When Jamie asks Alex to sleep with his wife, Alex thinks it will only bring trouble. But he can't resist the pleasure of being with Anne - and Jamie.

Eye Of The Storm by Delilah Devlin

Janie is in Jamaica to rekindle passions with an ex-lover. But when her ex's friend shows up, Janie learns that two men know exactly what she needs...

Twice The Pleasure by Portia Da Costa

Caitlyn thinks organising the school reunion will be a great way to meet long-time crush Drew again...and finally hook up with him.

Hotter Than Hell by Cathryn Fox

Trapped in the underworld, Jadyn finds her dark and sexy guide, Gage, hotter than hell. Will they dare risk their souls to be together?

Gabriel's Naughty Game by Madelynne Ellis

Emily believes partner Gabriel's bedroom request is too risky. Especially when he reveals he wants a threesome with the only other man who's ever tempted her!

Lord Atwood's Lovers by Eva Clancy

Lord and Lady Atwood wed for love and have a passion-filled marriage - but Imogen is still haunted by the memory of her first marriage… (less)

Publisher: Harlequin
Mine to Dare