Published by Incantatrix Press
Published: 21st March 2019

The long awaited conclusion to the bestselling Scandalous Seductions series is finally here! Passion, rivalry and scandal abound in this tale of forbidden love between a marquis, his mistress, and the man they both once loved.

“One didn’t run off to London with a viscount and return, still unwed, on the arm of a marquis, without sustaining a few black marks against ones name.”

Bella Rushdale is the disgrace of the county. Not only has she returned home after eloping still unwed, her scandalous liaison with notorious rakehell, Vaughan, Marquis of Pennerley sets her at loggerheads with her world-weary elder brother. Remote Yorkshire society is scandalised! Something ought to be done. But, the harder Joshua pushes for a match, the less inclination Vaughan shows for making one.

Vaughan has more pressing concerns to attend than worrying about a few rural bumpkins and their waggling tongues. Eight months ago his lover left him and its past time the man was brought to heel. Matters are made additionally vexing by the fact that Viscount Lucerne Marlinscar happens to be the rogue Bella originally ran off with, and for whom the locals are still rooting for her to wed. All right, so Lucerne broke her—and his—heart, and now she swears she doesn’t want anything to do with him, but Vaughan’s not one to be thwarted by long odds. The three of them are clearly meant to be together. Hence, he’s damned well going to ensure that’s how they wind up. If that makes him a calculating, callous cad, then so be it.

Older, wiser, yet unable to forgive, and convinced that her future happiness is dependent on Vaughan’s love, Bella’s determined to hold onto her man no matter the cost to her heart or reputation. She just didn’t expect things to get out of hand so quickly or to take such a dramatic turn. Is their forbidden love as ill-fated as the society they inhabit would have them believe, or can three people whose lives and hearts are so inexorably bound overcome their shared past to forge a lasting bond?

The Serpent’s Kiss is a Regency-set historical romance with a high heat including M/F, M/M and M/M/F interactions. Those of a timid or nervous disposition are advised against indulging.


Publisher: Incantatrix Press
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The Serpent’s Kiss