BLACK VELVET (Stirred Passions #2)
ASIN #B087P5D3Z6
First published 2017 as Bath Bomb by Clara Leigh.
Current edition published  15th May 2020 by Incantatrix Press
Erotic Romance, Novel

Three near strangers, but only one bed.
Two feet of freshly fallen snow.
One obvious way to stay warm.

Determined to rebound my way out of a broken heart after my best friend marries the girl of his dreams, I resort to an age old method of distraction. Go out. Get drunk. Get laid. Which is how I end up charming my way into the pants of my straight—questioning?—soon to be new co-star, Jasper Frost.

Holed up in a secluded one-bed cottage for the purposes of learning our lines, things are looking cosy, until she shows up—his dream girlfriend—in our bath-tub and threatens everything.

And then we get snowed in.

"Loved this hot and hilarious story." ~ Book-Lovin-Mama

6 Stars! "Black Velvet if you please."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Heartbreaking, heart wrenching and yet heartwarming too. This story will grab you and literally gut you with rampaging emotions but by the last page you sigh and smile and be glad you tagged along on this journey!” Goodreads reviewer.

Black Velvet is a steamy emotional romance featuring a heart-broken hero, a videogame geek, and an unexpected guest. It includes M/F, M/M, & M/M/F encounters. Dive in and discover why readers say no one writes bisexual bad boys like Madelynne Ellis.



Black Velvet