MINT TO BE (Stirred Passions #4)
Publication date: 23rd February 2021
Published by Incantatrix Press
Erotic Romance, Novel.

Conjuring three fake dates to attend a wedding, no problem. Surviving the experience unbroken…

Thanks to a drunken boast about my relationship status, I need to find three people to fake date in time for my best friend’s celebrity wedding. One trip to the office later, and I have my recruits: Leo, Elodie, and Jet. Now it’s simply a matter of making our polyamorous quadouple convincing. Heartache is not on the agenda. After all, none of it’s supposed to be real…

“A fresh and funny take on fake relationships, longing, self-doubt, friendships, and so much more...” Goodreads Reviewer.

“Brings all the ups and downs, with all the feels, and delivers a story that had me hooked from start to finish.” Goodreads Reviewer

Clever writing, snappy humor, and sex appeal that I truly enjoyed!” Goodreads Reviewer.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Mint to Be