She didn’t mean to kidnap a rock star! Now the only thing standing between her and handcuffs is a hot, tattooed stranger.

Jodi Castle’s life is on a downward spiral. Yes, she lost her job. Yes, she borrowed a bus. No, she did not intentionally kidnap a rock star.

When Black Halo’s bass-player, Paul “Rock Giant” Reed finds himself stranded in the middle of a river, on a sinking bus with a charismatic carjacking kleptomaniac his instincts aren’t to hand her over to the authorities, but to protect her from the repercussions of her own folly. First though, they need to not go down with the bus. Good thing he’s a resourceful chap.

River adventures, kitten rescues, and spicy shenanigans ensure, but can the pair navigate their way out of trouble before the rest of the band find them and insist on having Paul’s sexy new playmate arrested?

Reckless Beat is a light-hearted prelude novella in the world of Black Halo. If you like quirky characters, rescue kittens, and warm-hearted, tattooed bad boys, then you’ll love this sexy rockstar romp.

Publisher: Incantatrix Press
Cover Artists:
Reckless Beat