Replay (Off the Record #2)

Published by Incantatrix Press
Publication Date: 25th February 2020
Contemporary Erotic Romance 

Goth metal’s most famous celibate is about to get f**ked…

Celibate rock guitarist, Spook Mortensen, has never had trouble keeping his libido in check until Alle Hutton gate-crashed his life. Now, as Black Halo embarks upon their first official cruise, Alle’s along with him as his plus one, and not succumbing to temptation requires constant vigilance and ingenuity.

Unafraid and determined to prove to Spook—and everyone else—that his deviant desires don’t make him a monster; Alle puts her heart on the line. But being in love doesn’t mean she’s blind to reality. She knows Spook’s keeping secrets and that coaxing them out of him will be as, if not more, challenging than enticing him to explore their wild chemistry. Thankfully, she’s never been one to cave under pressure.

When a figure out of Spook’s past returns leaving him emotionally untethered, their burgeoning relationship is pushed to its limits. When trust is compromised, only the truth will suffice. But, can their relationship survive the revelation?

From the bestselling author of Anything But Vanilla, comes a tale of carnal torment, determination, British humour, and good old rock ‘n’ roll angst. Replay is the second novel in a trilogy about Spook Mortensen, set in the world of goth rockers Black Halo. Turn up the volume, grab a cold drink, and climb aboard the Black Halo hard rocking, sexy, dirty, crazy train.


Publisher: Incantatrix Press
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